Are Your Leaders Equipped To Manage And Lead The Current Workforce?

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Stuck On Start Coaching provides clients with customized offerings that equip leaders to effectively manage and lead a multigenerational, diverse workforce.

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Virtual Playbook For Leaders

A monthly dose of tools, tactics, and virtual practical advice. Clients will receive straight talk videos, and access to resources to engage your talent.

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Providing clients with customized offerings that equip their leaders to effectively manage and lead today’s multigenerational, diverse workforce.

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Mind The Gap™ Coaching

Agile Leadership Best Practices

An action plan of weekly practices paired with monthly face to face meetings to assess your progress, share best practices, and get business results.

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"Curtis you are a great coach. I really appreciate your candor. You are good at finding out what words and tools will resonate with a person: I feel the tools/practices you suggested to me were purposefully and thoughtfully selected for me based on what my own challenges were. Very effective. Thank you for pushing me!"

Atlanta, GA

"I've had coaches in the past and I appreciated Curtis' honest and direct conversations. He consistently gave me things to think about to help me improve on my goals. I'm not sure there was anything that could have yielded better results."

New York, NY

"Curtis was a fantastic coach that was instrumental in providing feedback and a new perspective on my current career and job. Curtis was exceptional in coaching me through sensitive topics. I think one thing I still need to work on is to be more proactive with asking for guidance and feedback."

Philadelphia, PA

"Curtis was great. I was able to be open and honest in a way that is difficult for me. Curtis made me feel comfortable enough to say what I was thinking and know that he was not judging me, but was attempting to get me to see the bigger picture and how I can grow my career and chase my success instead of waiting for it to arrive."

Atlanta, GA

"I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for a career coach. Curtis gets it! I found balance in my work and home life. I was required to make a very difficult decision on my career and family. Because of his help, I am now enjoying the most rewarding and productive period I've ever had in my career."

Philadelphia, PA

"Working with Dr. Odom was the best decision I’ve made in my career. His pragmatic and real-life knowledge of the corporate world was instrumental in helping me to manage up with a very difficult leader. Together we designed a strategy to eliminate a few huge organizational cultural roadblocks and navigate through the executive levels."

Houston, TX

Curtis L. Odom, Ed. D.

Dr. Curtis Odom is Managing Director of Stuck On Start Coaching.

Curtis is an industry leading merger and acquisition advisor, value growth advisor, exit planner, and executive coach. His success and expertise as a management consultant comes from consistency in delivering results for international clients at the intersection of change management, generational diversity, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. His broad industry career is preceded by a 10-year active duty military career having served in the United States Navy including being forward deployed during Operation Desert Storm.

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