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A chat with Curtis is the first step in receiving customized offerings that equip entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools and tactics to increase their personal and professional growth. His number one priority is to learn more about you and your business so that he can specifically tailor his advice to help you.

You can expect a friendly encounter and an enjoyable discussion about your business that will eventually transform into Curtis offering you specialized suggestions about goals that you should set for yourself and your business, and how you should go about meeting and exceeding those goals.

During your chat you should expect Curtis to:

  • Ask about you and the origin story of your business or business idea
  • Ask about your vision, range of goals, and potential customers of your business
  • Ask about your style and preferences for working and communicating virtually
  • Ask if you are ready to commit to your growth as an entrepreneur and business owner
  • Ask you when you want to get started on your journey to success
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